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Chemglass et Huber Case Study

Example cases show real results and offer support when making your buying decision. Our case studies demonstrate the thermodynamic properties of Huber machines for Chemglass glass reactor systems on the basis of practical examples and are therefore best suited for making a fair comparison with the competition.


Optimus Instruments France begins a new chapter

Since many years Optimus Instruments France has ben a specialized division of the Benelux office concentrating on the sales and service of reactor systems. With Sebastien, our new sales representative for the south of France - some guys have all the luck - and a brand new office in Caen, Optimus Instruments France is ready for a new chapter in business.

This is only the first step in the growth of our company, next year our Service department in Rotterdam, Netherlands will also move to a new location and there are already plans for expansion of the Belgian head-office as well. To be continued...


Laboratory Glass Reactors SHORTLIST: The perfect configuration

If you are in need of an all-in-one complete temperature conditioned glass reactor system, Optimus Instruments is the right partner to speak to. As a distributor and premium service partner of the brands Chemglass, Huber and Heidolph, Optimus Instruments has all the resources to deliver all the right components of the reactor solution that your application requires. But how to make a purchase choice? Simple, follow our shortlist and compose the ideal reactor solution for your laboratory applications.


CHEMGLASS: Single and Dual Vessel Benchtop Process Reactors

ChemRxnHub single and dual reactor system workstations in 300mL to 5 liter benchtop configurations. Great for those who need complete, off-the-shelf systems that are quick to assemble, operate and maintain. Accompanied with a Huber thermostatic circulator adapted to you application, Optimus Instruments provides all the tools for successful laboratory scale-up.